Thursday, March 7, 2013

2012 User Survey Testimonials

As LDC's 20th Anniversary Year draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to share a few more Anniversary year activities with you. 

In early 2012, LDC circulated a user survey to recent members and data licensees. Part of this survey focused on our then forthcoming Anniversary year and asked if respondents would provide anonymous testimonials supporting LDC. We are happy to report that many respondents took part and you may browse a selection of their comments below. Many humored LDC by playing along with the suggestion to describe the Consortium in one word or to compare LDC to a color, fruit or animal. LDC was humbled by the outpouring of support and would like to again thank all of our members and the entire community for continuously supporting the Consortium's existence.

2012 LDC User Survey Testimonials 

·    If LDC did not exist, it would have to be invented. It provides critical resources for the speech technology community.
·        I wish that I were more ambitious and could use all of the datasets the LDC provides!
·    I recently started as a new Assistant Professor in an undergraduate college with little access to research funds.  The LDC staff bent over backward to allow me access to the materials I needed without the budget of a research university.
·    Thanks for the good work.
·    Keep on publishing.
·    Timely and competent follow-up from LDC staff regarding any queries or problems
·    I like LDC because they are very professional, very responsive, charge reasonable fees and have very friendly and helpful personnel
·    Researchers in public institutions need organizations like LDC.
·    Happy birthday LDC. Keep up the good work!
·    Congratulations for your hard work, and for sharing tools with the world
·    LDC is a great speech corpus provider for worldwide languages.
·    LDC is best of breed in providers of high quality curated textual data, including some very large data sets.
·    LDC is a great resource for researchers - keeping up with the times with new databases each year.
·    (Organization name withheld) would like to extend sincere greetings to the LDC and to its great team, and a sincere "THANK YOU" for the wonderful service you have provided. May we celebrate your 100th anniversary!
·    I like LDC because they provide good service at a reasonable price for academic institutions.
·    There's no data like more data, and LDC is where it's at.
·    I like LDC because it relieves us from troublesome negotiations with each provider of language resources.
·    LDC is great. If it were a color, it would be teal (very hip).
·    Blue as the sea because it helps researcher irrigate their research ideas.
·    I would like to consider LDC as watermelon for its skin is green which is the symbol of flourishing life, the pulp is red which is the symbol of hope and success and the black seed is the essence of cohesion. In all, for researchers, LDC is very essential.
·    Fruit: pomegranate, single body, many multiple frutties
·    Description of LDC in 7 words: many corpora of a very high quality
·    Describe LDC in one word: Astronomical

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