Thursday, October 11, 2012

LDC 20th Anniversary Podcasts: David Graff

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, LDC is conducting interviews of long-time staff members for their unique perspectives on the Consortium's growth and evolution over the past two decades and for some insights into the future. We expect to make these interviews available as audio, video and text. The interviews are conducted by John Vogel, LDC part-time staffer, musician and video artist.

We begin with a series of podcasts. The first podcast features David Graff, LDC's Lead Programmer. Dave has been at LDC since its first days as a small organization occupying one of the many offices in University of Pennsylvania's Williams Hall. Dave has been involved in many aspects of LDC's work over the years; he currently designs tools that support corpus creation, annotation and quality assessment and has a direct role in the production of most LDC publications.

We hope you enjoy Dave's reflections on life at LDC.

Click here for Dave's podcast.

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