Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LDC 20th Anniversary Podcasts: Natalia Bragilevskaya, Ilya Ahtaridis and Marian Reed

LDC has put together a second podcast for your listening enjoyment. This issue builds upon the origin of LDC while focusing on LDC's interactions with the outside world. Natalia is the head of LDC's Business Office while Ilya and Marian are the twin engines of LDC's External Relations group (LDC's Membership Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator, respectively). As was the case with David Graff's October 2012 podcast, John Vogel conducted each of these interviews.

As a reminder, LDC podcasts are issued as part of our celebration of our 20th Anniversary year. Please stay tuned for later editions.

Click here for Natasha, Ilya and Marian's podcast.  

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