Friday, December 14, 2012

LDC 20th Anniversary Podcasts: Yiwola Awoyale and Moussa Bamba

The third podcast in the series shifts gears and introduces two LDC researchers, Yiwola Awoyale and Moussa Bamba, whose work focuses on West African languages. 

Yiwola has been teaching linguistics, Yoruba language studies and various aspects of African linguistics since 1975. At LDC, he developed the Global Yoruba Lexical Database, a set of related dictionaries based on Yoruba and its diaspora. Moussa’s work in the Manding languages of the Niger-Congo family has resulted in the release of the Mawukakan Lexicon, to be followed by similar resources for Maninkakan, Bambara, and Jula. 

In their podcast, Yiwola and Moussa discuss how they came to LDC, their current research and how it benefits multiple communities.

Click here for Yiwola and Moussa's podcast.

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